Upperplayground News

New Artist Ferris Plock

Upper Playground has seen some unruly characters wander through over the years, but these latest additions from the wildly original world of Ferris Plock look like troublemakers of the highest order. 

Ferris is a San Francisco-based artist who lives in the city with his wife, Kelly Tunstall and their son Brixton. Ferris and Kelly are also known as the artist duo, KeFe. Through a variety of mediums including acrylic, watercolor, spray paint, India ink, gold or silver leaf, and collage Plock creates highly detailed works, often character-based paintings on wood panel, that combine contemporary pop culture with the aesthetic of Japanese ukiyo-e woodblocks.

Check out his debut UP collection.


The Vault: Sam Flores

In this month's UP Vault release, we're pleased to open the doors on the Sam Flores archive and much of the work he's done with us here at Upper Playground, from Last Samurai to Yaysiea to Billy Bronze. We've also included two new archival releases, Turntable Envy and White Tiger.

Sam Flores grew up immersed in the vast Southwestern desert, spending his youth skating, drawing and honing his graffiti skills (his moniker being Tiger).

He is uniquely noted for being an autodidact, or self-taught artist, having no formal institutional training. Sam has a passionate fan base who follows his ever-changing subject matter and themes such as innocence, femininity, natural beauty, and melancholy sentiments.

Browse The Vault to check out dozens of Sam's most popular designs. 


Muni Brown

An All New Super.Basic. Tee Color in Collaboration with Jeremy Fish

If you've had the pleasure of meeting Jeremy Fish, you are familiar with his fondness for a very specific shade of brown. So when we contemplated a new color addition to our Super. Basic. Premium Tee line up, we asked Jeremy to help us get the dye color just right. A hue that is quite similar to the signature color of every San Franciscan's favorite form of public transportation, the SF Muni. 

This new Muni Brown tee features the same classic fit and is made from the same super-soft, heavyweight 5.9 oz ringspun cotton as our other Super. Basic. Premium Tees. The fabric is sourced from India and then hand-dyed, cut and sewn in LA.  Features a dark orange walrus cuff label on the hem.

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Pisces In The House

According to Wikipedia "Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign in the Zodiac. It is a negative mutable sign. It spans 330° to 360° of celestial longitude. Under the tropical zodiac, the sun transits this area between February 19 and March 20."

If you are a Pisces it also means you are smart, intuitive, creative and some say psychic. Whether that's true or not, you can rock your sign with our latest collection of Pisces t-shirts for men, women and kids, Pisces hoodies and Pisces accessories like a Pisces tote bag or Pisces pillow. The best part? They feature Jeremy Fish's awesome double fish design. Check out the Pisces Zodiac Collection.




Upper Playground X Goorin Bros Animal Farm Collaboration

125 years and four generations of bold hat makers are behind one of our favorite and fellow SF brands, Goorin Brothers. Known for their quality, service, and fearless style, we had a great time collaborating on a new hat that celebrates our own 20th-anniversary milestone. 

Among Goorin's iconic Fedoras, Flatcaps, and Straws lives an ark full of special critters known as Animal Farm. These hats have reached an almost cult-like status around the world and we saw it as a natural place for The Walrus to fit in.

The hat is featured in all black with our UP anniversary print under the brim and a big bull patch up top. We liked the patch so much, we made it available on a couple of tees and a hoodie.

Make room, Heavyweight has joined The Animal Farm and it's not afraid to throw its weight around. Checkout the collection.