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Hemp HoodLamb Premium Jacket Collection by Sam Flores

Long-time Upper Playground contributor and supporter, Sam Flores has teamed with premium jacket brand HoodLamb to create the Hemp HoodLamb Premium Jacket Collection. All of the heavy-duty jackets come equipped with a water and wind-resistant outer shell, thick faux fur lining and patented rolling paper dispensers. Adorned with Sam’s Bengal Headdress Design, the shell is 55% hemp, 45% organic twill. The warm lining is 20% hemp, 35% recycled PET, 45% acrylic satifur with several hidden pockets.

Click on the jacket for full details. Available in store and online at
Bengal Headdress Men’s Classic Jacket by Sam Flores

Bengal Headdress Men’s Tech 4/20 Jacket by Sam Flores

Bengal Headdress Women’s Classic Jacket by Sam Flores

Bengal Headdress Women’s Parka by Sam Flores

Bengal Headdress Women’s Long Coat by Sam Flores