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Our Latest Food Obsessions: Upper Playground Releases A New Set of iPhone Cases

In case you’ve ever had to choose between putting down your iPhone or your favorite food, we’ve got you covered with our new collection of Upper Playground Food iPhone Cases. Whatever you're craving, choose from our selection of: Pizza, Burger, Potato Chips, Nachos, Marshmallows, Salami, Hot Cheese Puffs and much more. Now available in 15 varieties for iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 at upperplayground.com. If you want to wear your food obsession, take a look at our Premium Food Tee's to match your appetite.

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Upper Playground releases The Burger Walrus by Josh Ellingson

Upper Playground is proud to announce the release of a new design by Artist, Josh Ellingson, now available online at www.upperplayground.com.
Josh Ellingson, Upper Playground

Josh Ellingson creates unique designs and illustrations for brands, publications, and galleries worldwide. His artwork is often described as graphic and bold, drawing inspiration from world of pop-art, technology, and the absurd. He releases this week, The Burger Walrus design along with a few questions we threw his way:

1) Is there a story, special message, or feeling your are trying to convey with your tee design?

I was trying to find the hidden pathway between terror and hunger. Can something be both majestic and absurd simultaneously? Also, I like hamburgers and walruses.

2) What was your all time favorite tee shirt you ever owned?

I’ve had a lot of great tshirts. I think my favorite was from San Francisco Polka/Punk icons “Polkacide”. It was a skull and cross-sausages. I wore it ragged and then bought another one. It’s totally destroyed now too.


3) What do the words Upper Playground mean to you?

When I first heard about “Upper Playground”, I thought it must be a skate park or a record store. There were just these giant photocopies pasted up around town with a walrus on it. It was mysterious. Then, when the store opened on Fillmore I was like, “Oh, these are some nice sweatshirts!”. So, the art comes and goes, but I was really struck by the quality of the clothing. So, when I think about Upper Playground my first thought is that it’s going to be warm and it’s going to be mysterious.

Upper Playground, as I’ve come to understand it, is now a well curated gallery cleverly disguised as a clothing store. Instead of canvases, the spotlight is on hoodies and tshirts. They’re taking the art world to the cleaners, literally.