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Interview with HSIAO-RON CHENG

If you’re the type of outside diner to catch a quick bronze while waiting for your chicken parm, you’ll appreciate this new design by artist and illustrator, Hsiao-Ron Cheng. A specialist in combining hand drawn illustrations and digital finishes for portraits, Hsiao-Ron Cheng contributes to the Upper Playground archive with this first design. Here are few questions we asked Hsiao-Ron about her and her work:

Walnuts T-Shirt by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

UP: Tell us a  bit about your background as an artist.

HRC: Hi I’m a commercial artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. I studied Fine Art in Taiwan University of Art. I quit my day job in 2012 and then only concentrate on my own illustrations since then. I love walking, hiking, traveling, sleeping.

UP: There is a sense of serenity in your portraits. Can you explain the tone and mood of your subjects?

HRC: I’ve always love pastel colors. As for the mood, I think maybe is because I’m a calm person so it reflects on my works.

UP: What is the balance between digital and hand drawn aesthetic in your work?

HRC: I only do digital works, from drafts to final. But I do have experience of making oils, pencil drawing, water color etc. so I’m very aware and know how to make digital works with hand drawn texture.

UP: Where do you find inspiration?

HRC: Pinterest and life.

The Walnuts T-shirt in White is now available online at upperplayground.com:

Walnuts T-Shirt by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

Upper Playground Releases New Logo Designs by Benjie Escobar

Upper Playground is pleased to announce the release of five new logo designs by artist and designer, Benjie Escobar. Benjie brings his eclectic background to the UP design table, creating original logos for Upper Playground and showcasing his style. All new designs are available in store and online at upperplayground.com.

About the Artist:
Benjie Escobar is an LA-based, multi-media artist and designer. His work and his aesthetic sensibilities come from a variety of influences that range from his childhood in Pomona, anime, lowrider bike culture, graffiti, raves, streetwear, DJ culture, Japan, typography, design & illustration and perhaps most importantly, hamburgers or was it pizza?

In addition to his creative work, Benjie is also a curator of art exhibitions, inventor of new zine genres, art-director of gourmet burger festivals and brand builder of countless companies and gives priceless off-the-cuff marketing tips to anyone who cares to listen, or just happens to be within earshot.





New Addition To CA Records Collection By Upper Playground

New CA Records Pillow is being introduced to our popular CA Records Collection this week. Available in Black and Royal Blue, The CA Records Collection currently offers T-Shirts for Men and Women, alongside Crewnecks, Hoodies and Tank Tops. Follow us at @upperplayground IG and visit our online shop upperplayground.com

UP_CArecordsPillow_BLU_grande UP_CArecordsPillow_BLK_grande

Bumble Beer T-shirt and Hoodies: New Superfishal Design by Jeremy Fish

The new Bumble Beer design which cleverly plays on the images of a Bumble Bee, Bear and Beer is designed by artist and illustrator, Jeremy Fish. The designs are now available as a T-shirt and on Hoodies at Upper Playground this week.


The hoodies are a Classic Fit made of 10oz 80/20 Cotton/Poly Blend and comes in Maroon for Men and Red for Women. Click on images below for a better look:

FISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Women-2-Upper-Playground FISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Women-Upper-PlaygroundFISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Burgundy-Upper-Playground FISH_Bummble-Beer-Hoodie-Burgundy-2-Upper-Playground

Upper Playground releases new Bay Area Champs Design

Upper Playground releases a new design this week:  The  ‘Bay Area Champs’ design will be available in store and online at upperplayground.com as a hoodie and t-shirt in two color ways. Click on the photos for more information.

Bay Area Champs T-shirt in Black or Athletic Gray:


Bay-Area-Champs-Hoodie-Tshirt-Upper-Playground-005 Bay-Area-Champs-Hoodie-Tshirt-Upper-Playground-003

Bay Area Champs Zip Hoodie in Black or Athletic Gray:

Bay-Area-Champs-Hoodie-Tshirt-Upper-Playground-008 Bay-Area-Champs-Hoodie-Tshirt-Upper-Playground-006Bay-Area-Champs-Hoodie-Tshirt-Upper-Playground-001 Bay-Area-Champs-Hoodie-Tshirt-Upper-Playground-007