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Interview with HSIAO-RON CHENG

If you’re the type of outside diner to catch a quick bronze while waiting for your chicken parm, you’ll appreciate this new design by artist and illustrator, Hsiao-Ron Cheng. A specialist in combining hand drawn illustrations and digital finishes for portraits, Hsiao-Ron Cheng contributes to the Upper Playground archive with this first design. Here are few questions we asked Hsiao-Ron about her and her work:

Walnuts T-Shirt by Hsiao-Ron Cheng

UP: Tell us a  bit about your background as an artist.

HRC: Hi I’m a commercial artist based in Taipei, Taiwan. I studied Fine Art in Taiwan University of Art. I quit my day job in 2012 and then only concentrate on my own illustrations since then. I love walking, hiking, traveling, sleeping.

UP: There is a sense of serenity in your portraits. Can you explain the tone and mood of your subjects?

HRC: I’ve always love pastel colors. As for the mood, I think maybe is because I’m a calm person so it reflects on my works.

UP: What is the balance between digital and hand drawn aesthetic in your work?

HRC: I only do digital works, from drafts to final. But I do have experience of making oils, pencil drawing, water color etc. so I’m very aware and know how to make digital works with hand drawn texture.

UP: Where do you find inspiration?

HRC: Pinterest and life.

The Walnuts T-shirt in White is now available online at upperplayground.com:

Walnuts T-Shirt by Hsiao-Ron Cheng