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The Mountain x Upper Playground collaborates on ‘The Walrus Face’ T-shirt

Anyone who knows f**k-all about t-shirts will tell you that the greatest tie-dyed animal tees in the world come from the legendary brand known as “THE MOUNTAIN”.


We at Upper Playground respect this level of accomplishment in the T-shirt world (game recognize game), and have proudly embarked on a collaboration with the grand champion of animal tee shirts. Introducing the Upper Playground x The Mountain “Walrus Face” collaboration. Wear this T-shirt and think “two great tee brands joined forces so that I could wear this epic Walrus Face tee” and somehow the world is suddenly a better place to be. TheMountain Walrus upperplayground The Mountain x Upper Playground collaborates on The Walrus Face T shirt Walrus upper playground The Mountain tee t shirt Animal Face