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David Choe Thoughts From the Mangchi Tour Bus

david choe mangchi thoughts from the road

A story about the day ‪#‎Mangchi‬ came to your town – We packed a Metallica sized tour bus with crispy beefy farts and some of the most talented musicians on earth , we did everything we could to keep the ticket prices free or under 10 dollars , we gave every single person who comes to our shows hundreds of dollars worth of free great art and music , the fans in line are handing out free chips,tasty snacks and gifts to other people waiting , new friendships and romances are forming, strangers are coming together to create bonds and new strong communities , loner suicidal outcasts are being accepted by each other ,we abuse ourselves and play our hearts and souls out for you in tiny sweaty basements and clubs. I been alive for 40 years and have been to thousands of shows (many that I wasn’t the right age or sold out and still snuck/blew my way into) , I can safely say you’ll never experience anything like this again , for those who quit jobs, flew out, snuck in, hitchiked, bribed, begged, scratched , clawed and did anything to come to the show we love and appreciate you. Thank you for helping sell out every city on the tour so far, and singing and dancing your asses off ,this is our first time playing the east coast and we definitely feel the love,
we just get leaner and meaner every night- 3 cities left – are you ready ?
@mangchihammer #mangchi tour
4/2/16 – Detroit, Michigan – Garden Bowl @majestictheatredetroit
4/4/16 – Chicago, Illinois @eastroomchicago
4/6/16 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – @CoExhibitions