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New Mural by El Mac, Kofie, Nuke and SKILL with AISE in Los Angeles

A new mural by El MacKofie and Nuke went up in LA yesterday, along side SKILL UTI who also worked on a second wall preserving DASH 2000's work with AISE.  The UTI Crew's wall which has a portrait of an older  woman of Navajo descent (marked by her turquoise necklace) now looms over the Arts District in Los Angeles between Traction and E. 4th Street on S. Hewitt.

photo by Jy-Ah Minphoto by Jy-Ah Min

SONY DSCphoto by Jy-Ah Min photo by Jy-Ah Min  SONY DSCphoto by Jy-Ah Min  photo by Jy-Ah Min

Photo credit: Jy-Ah Min for Upper Playground