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...And Justice For All By Sam Flores

Produced in collaboration with long time Upper Playground artist Sam Flores, And Justice For All  is inspired by and reinterprets the Statue of Liberty in observance of the Black Lives Matter movement and acknowledgment of the constraints that the Corona Virus has put on the freedom of our communities. 


And Justice for All was created for the Summer Select release of our UP Stoked Cannabis line. She evokes the contemplative high and serenity Summer Justice Select delivers. In the bag for this release is Grease Monkey, indoor grown by Canndecent Farms in Palm Desert Springs, California.  Summer Justice Select is citrusy, sweet, with an earthy nose. The big buds are dark green, dense, and hand trimmed, with a classic Grease Monkey look.  A heavy indica, it smokes smooth delivering a very relaxed, slow you down, deep heavy mind and body high.  A little goes a long way with this top shelf pick.