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by Ariadna Zierold

herbert baglione, rito, rio, upper playground

For the first time in Rio, the show ‘RITO’, by Herbert Baglione, will be presented at Galeria Movimento in Copacabana. The solo exhibition, whose opening takes place today, brings together works of the São Paulo artist from the last 20 years. Nine screens and ten photographs, set the tone with conflicting emotions, a hallmark of Herbert. He moves from darker works to works in which colors predominate.

“From the 1000 Shadows Project, in which I explored the dark side and the issue of the shadows, I felt I needed to build a scenario with more light. This show is the way to this new collection of paintings ,” explains Herbert.

herbert baglione, rito, rio, upper playground

Herbert Baglione has been making compelling and narrative works on both the streets and in galleries for years. Baglione is renowned for his strong, simplistic street murals that are reminiscent of cave drawings, morphed with extraterrestrial images, brilliantly placed on rooftops and street surfaces, which are only visible in their entirety from an aerial view. His images are of the obese and the painfully anorexic – extremes of human shapes, elongated and rounded for the ultimate in simplistic, dramatic and iconic human symbols; thus illustrating his interest in human imperfection and extremes.