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First Edition MANGCHI Vinyl Records and MANGCHI gear by David Choe, Aaron Horkey and James Jean


David Choe and DVDASA fans be aware, Upper Playground carries the two 1st Edition Vinyl Records of MANGCHI starring Money Mark, SteeBee WeeBee, Igloo Hong, Heather Leather and CECI DeeCee along with MANGCHI gear for all necessary occasions. If you haven’t picked up anything yet check out our selection of goods for the true MANGCHI aficionados.

Mangchi_BaboBLK_Tee-upper-playground mangchi-dvdasa-david-choe-snapback-upper-playground mangchi-pompom-beanie-david-choe-upper-playground

About the Band:

“A fart from a child born without a butthole”, is what MANGCHI sounds like said 1 of the 2 people who were let into a room to hear this new sound. The second person, John Cusack , actor/comedian/artist from such films as “SAY ANYTHING” and “ROADSIDE PROPHETS” described the music as “If korn, depeche mode and the beastie boys were forced in a bus together to tour north korea, and all their lead singers quit in the middle of the tour, and the band picked up the korean versions of Debbie Gibson, Stacey-Q, and buddy Holly to replace the singers who just happened to be hitchhiking on The north korean countryside road, and then they all got in a tour bus accident and all got whiplash and broken bones, but Kim JONG UN made them play a show anyways with broken necks right on the side of road using the broken car parts as instruments over the non-existent ambulance sirens, that’s the closest I can get to describing the MANGCHI sound…. So basically listening to GOD’s voice as he’s hitting puberty… so basically Art.”