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Coming Soon: Print Show by Renowned Japanese Artist Hajime Sorayama at Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco

Japanese artist Hajime Sorayama, known world-wide for his uniquely imaginative and futuristic erotic paintings, will present a special print show at Fifty24SF Gallery in San Francisco next month. Details to be released in the coming week.


Recognized for his precisely detailed, erotic hand painted portrayals of women and feminine robots, Hajime Sorayama is viewed world-wide as one of the influential pin-up artists of all-time. The sleek chrome aesthetic of robotics in a sexualized feminine form has been a signature style that has spanned over 4 decades and shaped society’s conception of erotic art. Sorayama’s work is featured in projects with many of the world’s most powerful brands, including Sony, LucasFilm, Playboy, Marvel Comics, Star Trek and Disney. In addition, his art is displayed in permanent collections at the MOMA, Smithsonian Institute and US Library of Congress. Sorayama is a Vargas Award winner, the highest achievement in air-brush artistry.



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Upper Playground’s Fifty24SF Gallery is located at 218 Fillmore St, San Francisco, CA 94117.