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David Choe gets ordained to wed a couple this Sunday, Nov. 2nd

The announcements about this weekend’s events get more and more intriguing as David Choe announces that he will wed a couple this Sunday Nov. 2nd at a public wedding with room for 200 of his fans to attend.

david choe

“I just got ordained as a minister – DVDASA WEDDING + MANGCHI CONCERT There are approximately 200 slots available for MANGCHI fans and the DVDASA family to attend. The wedding will be in Koreatown, Los Angeles on November 2nd 2014 with the doors opening at 6pm. You must RSVP for the exact venue location. RSVP at this link: http://dvdasawedding.rsvpify.com/ The wedding is part of a 25hr DVDASA shit show / day of magical creation and broadcasting on November 2nd. ” – David Choe

The Schedule for this Sunday is as follows:

12:00AM — 03:00AM PST Live DVDASA Show @ DVDASA.com
03:00AM — 05:00PM PST DVDASA Reddit AMA Clusterfuck Bonanza
05:00PM — 06:00PM PST Nap time.
06:00PM — 11:59PM Wedding and MANGCHI concert (RSVP)