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Upper Playground X Goorin Bros Animal Farm Collaboration

125 years and four generations of bold hat makers are behind one of our favorite and fellow SF brands, Goorin Brothers. Known for their quality, service, and fearless style, we had a great time collaborating on a new hat that celebrates our own 20th-anniversary milestone. 

Among Goorin's iconic Fedoras, Flatcaps, and Straws lives an ark full of special critters known as Animal Farm. These hats have reached an almost cult-like status around the world and we saw it as a natural place for The Walrus to fit in.

The hat is featured in all black with our UP anniversary print under the brim and a big bull patch up top. We liked the patch so much, we made it available on a couple of tees and a hoodie.

Make room, Heavyweight has joined The Animal Farm and it's not afraid to throw its weight around. Checkout the collection.