Upperplayground News

New Artist: Nicky Davis

Nicky Davis is a visual artist living and working in Houston, Texas. If you've explored the urban landscape around Houston odds are his murals have turned your head. Nicky's art is an exploration into the ghost-covered, rainbow-splashed underworld of his imagination. His work may at first appear quite whimsical, but his subject matter is often how nature and humans interact and their influence on one another. His illustrative style is consistent across a diverse range of mediums, including: fine art, murals, and merchandise. His work has been included in gallery exhibitions in New York City, Italy, Denver, Seattle, Los Angeles, Miami, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston and his murals have been featured by Red Bull, The Houston Zoo, Arts District Houston, Seagram’s Gin, Art Basel, and POW WOW WORLDWIDE. 

We are excited about the collaboration and the opportunity to set him loose on Upper Playground. As you'll see for yourself when you check out the collection, the results are delightfully warped.