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Jeremy Fish, Burger Inspector

It's no secret our own Jeremy Fish loves San Francisco. And burgers. So he's putting the two together and starting a new series exploring the legendary burger joints of SF. Here's what we has to say about his new adventure, and be sure to  check out his first article in the SF Chronicle.

Burgers have been my favorite food since birth. I am in love with seeing my meal stacked up with beef on a bun. Thousands of foggy days turned sunny by the right blend of beef, cheese and bun. I like to think I have been inspecting burgers like these my whole life.

Twice a month I will investigate some of the best "beef on buns" that our fair city has to offer. I am not a food critic. My goal is to turn folks on to new burger spots, and remind old school burgerheads to revisit some of the classics. Sometimes the burger establishment is more than just what’s happening between the buns. 

This is not a best of list, a traditional food critique, or a contest. This is just some delicious suggestions from a guy who draws pictures, and truly loves cheeseburgers. It is not my job as a Burger Inspector to criticize or hate on certain burgers, as much as it is to inspect and celebrate the best beefy bun clad buddies that our city has to offer

My burger inspector rating system is based out of 100, like the SF health inspection ratings posted on paper in our favorite snack shacks city wide. My scores are based on..you know, a lotta ins, lotta outs, lotta what-have-you's. And, uh, lotta strands to keep in my head, burger fans. Let's all go on a magical burger journey together. An adventure in our own city, built on a mutual love for a stack of meat, cheese and veggies tucked with love in a bun bed.