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Upper Playground x Botanica Yoruba Candlestick Prayer Candle

CANDLENEWSLETTER Upper Playground x Botanica Yoruba Candlestick Prayer Candle prayer housewares candle botanic yoruba

We wanted to test this at gametime last night before we released this product. Now we know it comes satisfaction guaranteed.

The San Francisco Heritage Preservation Society cordially invites you to partake in its inaugural celebratory offering. Upper Playground x Botanica Yoruba presents for the first time in franchise history, the Candlestick Park Prayer Candle. The candle commemorates one of the oldest and most notorious stadiums in football history and the home to 5 rings and counting. The franchise will be celebrating their second to last season at said hallowed ground this 2012 season.

Kick off each game with the ultimate omen. Light the candle and summon  greatness. Santa Clara… Shmanta Clara, the history and tradition will forever burn at Candlestick. Football is a ritual and Candestick is a tradition.

The candle includes a special prayer on the back in English/ Spanish courtesy of Botanica Yoruba, the oldest most historic botanica in town.

Botanica Yoruba is located at 3423 19th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District.