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Work in Progress: ‘Thesis’ by Jesús Benítez opens Friday, July 11th!

Mexican muralist and artist  Jesús Benítez, known previously as ‘Dhear’ made his way to San Francisco this month and has been focused on the preparations for his solo show, ‘Thesis’ at Fifty24SF Gallery.  Set to open this Friday, July 11th, 7pm, the show marks his first North American solo show after several duos with Smithe One.  Despite recurring health difficulties and challenges,  Jesús has been steadily working his beat and maintaining his presence in the world of street art and muralists.  His latest mural, gargantuan in size covered a giant facade of a public Hospital in Mexico and took him about a month to complete.  The ambitious project won him over many more admirers of his work and put a stamp on his talent as one of the up and coming visionary muralists of his generation.


He’s currently working on a distinct mural inside the Fifty24SF Gallery for the show and we are covering his progress as he works:

Thesis-Jesusbenitez-dhear-upperplayground002 Thesis-Jesusbenitez-dhear-upperplayground003 Thesis-Jesusbenitez-dhear-upperplayground004 Thesis-Jesusbenitez-dhear-upperplayground005 Thesis-Jesusbenitez-dhear-upperplayground006Thesis-Jesusbenitez-dhear-upperplayground007