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David Choe Thoughts From the Mangchi Tour Bus

david choe mangchi thoughts from the road

A story about the day ‪#‎Mangchi‬ came to your town – We packed a Metallica sized tour bus with crispy beefy farts and some of the most talented musicians on earth , we did everything we could to keep the ticket prices free or under 10 dollars , we gave every single person who comes to our shows hundreds of dollars worth of free great art and music , the fans in line are handing out free chips,tasty snacks and gifts to other people waiting , new friendships and romances are forming, strangers are coming together to create bonds and new strong communities , loner suicidal outcasts are being accepted by each other ,we abuse ourselves and play our hearts and souls out for you in tiny sweaty basements and clubs. I been alive for 40 years and have been to thousands of shows (many that I wasn’t the right age or sold out and still snuck/blew my way into) , I can safely say you’ll never experience anything like this again , for those who quit jobs, flew out, snuck in, hitchiked, bribed, begged, scratched , clawed and did anything to come to the show we love and appreciate you. Thank you for helping sell out every city on the tour so far, and singing and dancing your asses off ,this is our first time playing the east coast and we definitely feel the love,
we just get leaner and meaner every night- 3 cities left – are you ready ?
@mangchihammer #mangchi tour
4/2/16 – Detroit, Michigan – Garden Bowl @majestictheatredetroit
4/4/16 – Chicago, Illinois @eastroomchicago
4/6/16 – Minneapolis, Minnesota – @CoExhibitions

MANGCHI Takes Over San Jose With Second Bay Area Show


Following an explosive show with a guest appearance by Ninja of Die Antwoord in San Francisco, David Choe and band MANGCHI took a trip to San Jose to play The Ritz on Tuesday. MANGCHI (‘Hammer’ in Korean) picked up where they left off, as San Jose was treated to a night of crowd surfing, rodeo garb, and everything in between. Check out shots of Ceci DeeCee, Steebee Weebee and the crew at sound-check and exclusive photos of The Ritz show below.






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MANGCHI is Joined by Ninja of Die Antwoord for San Francisco show

Mangchi Shows in the Bay Area: May 25 & May 26

First Edition MANGCHI Vinyl Records and MANGCHI gear by David Choe, Aaron Horkey and James Jean

MANGCHI is Joined by Ninja of Die Antwoord for San Francisco show

MANGCHI played a highly anticipated show at Elbo Room in San Francisco on Monday, May 25th. After a short hiatus, the band consisting of David Choe, Heather Leather, Money Mark, Ceci DeeCee, Dylan Fujioka and DJ Denjahng captivated the crowd at Elbo Room. The show was highlighted by an encore featuring a special appearance from Ninja of Die Antwoord, who joined the band on stage performing a cover of Icona Pop’s hit, ‘I love it’.

Check out exclusive photos and video from MANGCHI’s Memorial Day performance below. The band is back in action tonight May 26th at The Ritz in San Jose.







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Mangchi Shows in the Bay Area: May 25 & May 26

Mangchi In San Francisco May 25th

First Edition MANGCHI Vinyl Records and MANGCHI gear by David Choe, Aaron Horkey and James Jean

Mangchi Shows in the Bay Area: May 25 & May 26



After a short hiatus, MANGCHI makes a come back with two special shows taking place in the Bay Area this Memorial Day weekend.  The first show opens at the Elbo Room in San Francisco on Monday, May 25th with special guests, GOLDEN DRUGS. The second will be in San Jose at the The Ritz on Tuesday, May 26th.

Monday, May 25th @ 9PM – $10
Elbo Room
647 Valencia St.
San Francisco, CA

Tuesday, May 26th @ 9PM – $10
The Ritz
400 S. First St.
San Jose, CA

About the Band:

“A fart from a child born without a butthole”, is what MANGCHI sounds like said 1 of the 2 people who were let into a room to hear this new sound. The second person, John Cusack , actor/comedian/artist from such films as “SAY ANYTHING” and “ROADSIDE PROPHETS” described the music as “If korn, depeche mode and the beastie boys were forced in a bus together to tour north korea, and all their lead singers quit in the middle of the tour, and the band picked up the korean versions of Debbie Gibson, Stacey-Q, and buddy Holly to replace the singers who just happened to be hitchhiking on The north korean countryside road, and then they all got in a tour bus accident and all got whiplash and broken bones, but Kim JONG UN made them play a show anyways with broken necks right on the side of road using the broken car parts as instruments over the non-existent ambulance sirens, that’s the closest I can get to describing the MANGCHI sound…. So basically listening to GOD’s voice as he’s hitting puberty… so basically Art.”

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