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Jesús Benítez opens THESIS with new work at Fifty24SF Gallery, San Francisco

Mexican artist Jesús Benítez better known for his distinct murals full of fantastical narratives and science fiction continues his journey down that path with his current solo show at Fifty24SF Gallery , titled ‘THESIS‘.

Here are some of his newest works revealed this past Friday, July 11th.  To see the works in person please contact gallery@fifty24sf.com for an appointment.

Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf001 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf002 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf003 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf004 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf005 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf006 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf007 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf008 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf009 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf010 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf011 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf012 Jesús Benítez-dhear-fifty24sf013