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“O Glorious City”: Artist Jeremy Fish Begins Residency at San Francisco City Hall


Jeremy Fish will help San Francisco celebrate the 100th Birthday of City Hall by creating 100 artworks as City Hall’s first official Artist-in-Residence. The internationally renowned artist will present the large collection of drawings and photographs about San Francisco at a solo exhibition titled “O Glorious City”. Curated by the San Francisco Arts Commission (SFAC), the show will start in November on the Ground Floor of San Francisco City Hall.

A North Beach resident who has lived in San Francisco for over 20 years, Fish begins his residency at City Hall today (July 8th, 2015). All 100 works will center on San Francisco, with many relating specifically to the 100 year-old City Hall.

The SFAC Galleries Director, Meg Shiffler, explains why Jeremy Fish is the ideal artist for this project, “For this exhibition, we wanted to bridge the building’s past and present. His intense civic pride and exuberant, youthful style reflect the vibrancy of our ever-evolving city.”

As part of the residency, Fish will take in the daily activity of City Hall, attend public meetings and spend time with the City Hall historian. A publicly accessible mailbox is available in Room 008 in the Office of Building Management on the Ground Floor of City Hall. Jeremy welcomes suggestions be left there and invites visitors to stop by if they are passing through.

“As San Francisco City Hall celebrates its centenary birthday I want to document 100 things all San Franciscans should love about their city. I love City Hall and feel it is often overlooked as a local architectural treasure.” – Jeremy Fish


O Glorious City
A solo exhibition celebrating SF City Hall’s 100th birthday by Jeremy Fish
Exhibition Dates: November 4, 2015 – February 12, 2016
San Francisco City Hall: Ground Floor + North Light Court