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Mike Nesmith x Frank Zappa

In December 1967, The Monkees’ blew their audience’s minds by hosting Frank Zappa on their TV show. The whole gimmick seems to be Frank Zappa’s idea as he takes control of the reverse role play interview. Mike Nesmith plays Frank and Frank Zappa takes on Mike. Nesmith struggles to keep his Zappa inspired prosthetic nose on his face, and fumbles a few times in a laid back, casual way. However, it’s important to note that it’s not Frank, but Mike Nesmith playing Frank who accuses The Monkees’ music of being banal and insipid. Zappa had nothing but love for The Monkees,’ having supported them even at their most dire and hated times. On the other end of the music spectrum, Mothers of Invention was Frank’s band known for psychedelic, experimental music.

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