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El Mac in Puerto Rico for Los Muros Hablan 2014

Famed American master muralist, El Mac attended  ‘Los Muros Hablan’ 2014  along with SAN, Agostino Iacurci, PUN 18, Alexis Díaz and Vero Rivera in December.  The festival which took place in Puerto Rico hosted El Mac who began a gigantic mural eleven stories high towering over the city.  Here are some work in progress photos through various sources  including El Mac’s IG @mac_arte and the festival @losmuroshablan.  Finished mural photos will post soon. Aerial shots are credited to @skyretinapr.

EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-04EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-02 EL-MAC-Puerto-Rico-Losmuroshablan-01

New Mural by Faith47 and Alexis Diaz: ‘EROS – DESIRE – DE SIDUS – OF THE STAR‘

New collaboration mural completed by Faith47 and Alexis Diaz at Wynwood Walls, Miami, Florida.  Titled ‘EROS -DESIRE – DE SIDUS – OF THE STAR‘ the gigantic wall illustrates a sensuous scene of a beautiful woman (EROS) entangled and afloat with a snake.

Collaborating artist, Alexis Diaz writes:

“The image reflects on the different layers of sensuality. Eros is the greek god of love and desire, the word desire comes from the latin word ‘de sidus’ which means ‘of the star’. The intensity of how we look to a partner to complete us somehow. Perhaps sensual desires could be reflective of a deep yearning to return to the source. ” -Alexis Diaz

Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-001 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-002 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-003 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-004 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-005 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-006 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-007 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-008 Alexis-Diaz-Faith47-Wynwood-Miami-Eros-009

Photos by Alexis Diaz