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BCTION: 50 Japanese Artists take over a soon to be demolished building in Tokyo



Upper Playground artist, USUGROW took part in a large scale community art project called BCTION that just opened its doors to the public this week on Sept 1st.  BCTION is an art project at a soon-to-be demolished building in Kojimachi, Tokyo, with over 50 up-and-coming Japanese artists.

biction-tokyo001 biction-tokyo002 biction-tokyo003

The artists were allowed to express their art all over the floors and walls in the building, destined for destruction. The show will be open from September 1st  to the 15th, 12PM to 8PM Daily.


Check out Usugrow and Yu Suda’s Interview in Japanese and additional Interviews and Photos of works in progress here:

BCTION: 2014/9/1-9/15 [12:00-20:00]

More info at biction.com