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Archstoyanie Land Art Festival: A Must-See For Art and Architecture Enthusiasts


The small Russian village of Nikola-Lenivets, about 120 miles southwest of Moscow, is home to the annual Archstoyanie Land Art Festival, bringing thousands of people every year to admire land art, sculptures and architecture. The event brings in respected artists from all over the world, this past year representing France, Germany and Japan, among others, to construct temporary and long-standing installations in ‘Nikola Lenivets Park‘.



The first festival was hosted in 2006, lead by Nikolay Polissky, who inspired Archstoyanie Land Art Festival when he moved to Nikola-Lenivets to escape the chaos of city life and began to create large-scale installations, constructed by surrounding materials, such as branches, hay and snow. The festival continues to grow, attracting more architecture and art enthusiasts every year.