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The Adventures of Mathew Sawyer

Visual Artist and Musician Mathew Sawyer‘s nonsensical, humorous and clever works are worth a closer look.  His first solo show in a public gallery took place this year titled  White Male, 36 Years Old, Average Height, No Pets, Out of Shape and Anxious, and he’s been busy between shows of art, music and in between.  Check out this selected list of works, some on going, documentary, some funny, curious and poignant that Sawyer cleverly crafts together:


FUCK YOU to the future (without me), 2014



Ping Pong Ball – Series:

Mathew-Sawyer-PingPong-Series-03 Mathew-Sawyer-PingPong-Series-02 Mathew-Sawyer-PingPong-Series-01


‘Someone to share my life with’  – Waterloo, London

Mathew-Sawyer-Shoes-Bird-01 Mathew-Sawyer-Shoes-Bird-05 Mathew-Sawyer-Shoes-Bird-04 Mathew-Sawyer-Shoes-Bird-03 Mathew-Sawyer-Shoes-Bird-02


‘Love is like a dream we had, death is like a dream we’ll have’



‘Between you, me, and the post’