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Jeremy Fish x Upper Playground releases new Superfishal designs this week focused on “survivor relics of the true era of Vanning”.

“Much like the sad trending of fixed gear bikes, and more recently vintage chopper motorbikes, the iconic 70’s van is unfortunately somehow having a retro resurgence. We at Superfishal have been up on the vintage van game for the last 15 years, and have always loved a good shaggin wagon, stabbing cabin, or rolling room. The vintage van t-shirt capsule is a direct reflection of our everlasting love for a little home on wheels. Don’t get it twisted, these drawings were inspired by real survivor relics of the true era of Vanning. Be sure to score these now before naked tattooed unicycling becomes the thing to match your old timey haircut and weak facial hair.”-JF

Check out the new designs and pick up the gear here.

JeremyFish-Van-UpperPlayground-Superfishal001 JeremyFish-Van-UpperPlayground-Superfishal002 JeremyFish-Van-UpperPlayground-Superfishal003 JeremyFish-Van-UpperPlayground-Superfishal004 JeremyFish-Van-UpperPlayground-Superfishal005