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Striking Cargo Containers painted by ROA, Defo, Pichi & Avo, Jen Zie and Martin Ron – BELGIUM

ROA-shipping-container-upperplayground001 ROA-shipping-container-upperplayground006

Belgian muralist, ROA along side Defo, Jen Zie, Martin Ron, and Pichi & Avo have recently finished an unusual stack of murals in Belgium set up by the North West Walls Festival curated by Belgian artist Arne Quinze . Giant cargo containers were stacked together to  for the artists to paint on in all directions.

The powerful finished piece by ROA towers over the viewer showing caged animals and themes of confinement on both sides of the stacked containers:



Pichi and Avo of Valencia,Spain also finished an impressive stack featuring  Menelaus and Achilles, exploring greek mythological characters.

Pichi-Avo-1-IMG_2652-001 Pichi-Avo-2-IMG_4189-001


Martin Ron also worked along side ROA and Pichi & Avo:

Martin-Ron-2-001 Martin-Ron-Roa-001


And finally, DEFO:

IMG_4068-001 defo-2-001 defo-1-001


news and photos via: http://buenosairesstreetart.com/