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From Top Dog to the Underdog, Warriors surprising Loss in Game 1

Rated the #1 team in the Western Conference and the defending NBA champions, the Golden State Warriors had a surprising defeat last night in Game 1 of the NBA playoffs to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Surprising, not because they’re the number one team in the conference, (the Thunder are not too far behind at #3, with top players, Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook on deck), but because the Warriors had a 14 point lead that later vanished into a devastating loss on home court.

The loss has speculators and ESPN sports writers curious about the future of the playoffs given that the Thunder’s victory was kind of like a psychological twist in a narrative plot that favored the beloved Warriors.  The Top Dog team that had it all- home court advantage, an NBA championship and MVP Steph Curry, fell from grace and into Underdog territory overnight.

Can the Warriors recover?!

It seems like some deep emotional centers were affected in fans and sportscasters across the nation as they mourned the defeat like a loss of faith in the future of the Warriors; with a collective consciousness creating mystery and fear about the Warrior’s capability to perform.

But perhaps this loss was a necessary disruption to reveal something that needs to be learned, by all of us. I mean, wherever there is loss, there is gain, right? There are quite a few more games to go.

So we’ll just eagerly await to watch Game 2 tomorrow night for more revelations and controversy, wearing our Warriors snapbacks and everything blue and gold.

Steph Curry via TheSource.com