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David Choe

David Choe

From the warehouses and brothels of some mangled mountainside our hero Steve Lee scours the scorched earth searching for the one and only GookBoy: Peter Tong. You’ve seen him everywhere, wearing a mini-backpack, carrying way too many books, waving his long bangs that block his looks; with glasses that magnify his eyes and his eyes almost every time clogged with the membranes of mucus from tears shed earlier. You might call him a nerd; we call him the cure. This isn’t some sorry meditation, this is Mangchi- we’re goth, we're sensitive and most of us are close to 40 years old if we haven't already gotten there. Point being it's never too late to love yourself and we mean more than touching. Don't forget to fret and remember to remember that there is no one that can do anything for you. You have to work. And never stop.

Directed & Edited by Paco Raterta

Shot by Lulu & Jason Jaworski

Additional footage by Czar Campos & Paco Raterta

Special Thanks Christian Acuña, Genevieve Iñumerable, Vanessa Ulgado & Jessica Yang